Saturday, June 27, 2009

A Healthy Dose of Baby

I've been really good at not buying too many items of clothing for mi' darlin' Clem, but when I saw this little number at Old Navy with clementine coloured sea horses on it...I mean come on.
You're telling me you could have resisted?
Doubt it.

I bought this swim suit weeks ago and the kid is growing like gangbusters so we were afraid we'd never get a chance to see her cute little bum in those ruffles.
So what did we do?
We brought her tub outside and took her for a dip.

How many women does it take to bathe a baby?
Apparently three.
A grandma to hold her. An aunt to laugh. And a mom to take the pictures.

Also to make the notable cuteables (what?) list this week: Falling asleep on daddy's lap.
Why can't she do this for me?
I guess there's just something about a daddy's arms.

xoxo Em

Monday, June 22, 2009

I like kids. But I couldn't eat a whole one.

As per my last post I thought of something else to add to my "good things" list.
Having someone else clean my glasses.
Every now and the I'll treat myself to having Brad clean my lenses.
I don't know what it is, but he gets them so much cleaner than I do.
Anyway. Who cares right?
Just thought of it and had to post.

For all of you crafters out there, have you really introduced yourself to the blogging community?
It's HUGE! 
And so inspiring.
I found the BEST sites on Friday while I was at the shop.
Here are just a few of my new faves:

A quote I found on this site read: "Spoonflower promises to be the most exciting and revolutionary service to come along in the craft world since Etsy.”

We can design our own fabric! 
We can die now!
I have to do this in my lifetime.
Knowing me it will take me 17 days just to decide what I want to design, and another 11 to choose the colours. But I will do this.

I need to make a life list (another post).

This woman is SO generous with her tutorials.
And I LOVE tutorials.
Clementine definitely has a princess teepee in her future. 
(Clem, if you're reading this, don't scroll down).

Here's one that got me wanting to silkscreen again.

Isn't that shirt a riot?
And her simple little bird print appeals to me for obvious reasons.
Her tutorial is so simple. Love that.

Ugh! My stinkin' blog just got prematurely posted.
You'll only notice this if you get my feed, but still. Annoying.

I suppose I'm done anyway.
I should probably look up from my screen to make a sale or something.
I'll leave you with this.
No I did not end up making myself a tunic or a wrap dress.

But I DID start (and almost finish) a sweet sweet sweater for the Clembot.
And I'm currently butchering one of Brad's dress shirts to make her one of these (I found it on etsy...of course):

Oh. And I also have to make these:
I know.
You wish I was your mom.

Friday, June 19, 2009

Good things

I was listening to CBC (I think) months ago and on the air was some dude who'd started a blog listing all the good little things in life that sometimes we take for granted.
No I'm not getting all airy fairy, hippy dippy, gag me with a spoon on you here.
Some of the things were actually pretty funny (though I can't think of a single one of his now of course), and made me think of a few things I'd add to his list.
It's fun to think of the things that make us happy.
Here's a few I thought of this morning:

1. Having someone else refill the milk bag so my cereal doesn't get soggy going to the fridge for a new one.

2. Waking up to coffee already brewing in the pot.

3. Eating all the veggies in the fridge before they can even think about going bad.

4. Vacuuming up dust bunnies. 

5. Sleeping 6 or more consecutive hours.

6. Having someone schedule an event on a day you already have off.

So apparently I'm lazy and like to eat.
And occasionally I clean the house, but only if it's dirty enough to be satisfying.
That's really what it comes down to isn't it?
There are more. Plenty.
But this is what I've got for today. Feel free to share your own.

On a less cheerful note, my dear dear dear dear friends John and Josie had to put their pooch down this week.
Sexy Lexy. Lexy Lou. The Lexmeister.
Dear old Lex.
Look at this beautiful dog. 
She was John's best buddy and the dog that made Josie love animals.
If anyone could do it, Lex could.
I've lost my share of animals in my life, and it is tough.
Tougher than losing a human sometimes. 
Lex, I hope you're in doggy heaven eating straight off the table.
Actually, I hope you're in regular heaven so John and Jos can hug you again someday.

Dog breath kisses,

Saturday, June 13, 2009

Bicycle Month

Hi Friends.

June is Bicycle Month in Mississippi Mills (aka Almonte & Pakenham for you old schoolers) and Blackbird's very own Sadie Dupuis got a major shout out for her artistic contribution.

Last month Sadie had the lofty idea to build a sign announcing Bicycle Month out of old bikes.
When she told me I thought it sounded incredibly creative...and possibly impossible.
I should have known better.
We're talking about Sadie here people. Sa. Die. (pron. "dee")
Check out her masterpiece that's now been mounted on the side of the Flour Mill turned condo she lives in.
Kinda makes me wish every month was Bicycle Month.

Read more about Bicycle Month and Blackbird's pride and joy at