Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Another month goes by.

Lots has happened since I wrote last.

First things first, I went to VEGAS (sans bebe) with 7 of my favourite girls.
I feel like I should have more details, but it was a quick and dirty trip and, truthfully, I hardly remember it.
I know there were a few VIP lounges, $450 bottles of vodka, a trip to Tiffany's, a fabulous birthday dinner beneath the Eiffel Tower, the boobies of one of Heff's ex-girls and an amazing waterworks display at the Bellagio.
Oh, and Elvis. Es. Elvises.
But...yep...that's about it. That's all I can recall.
Thank God for cameras.

Secondly, Clem had the most freaking adorable photo shoot at Unposed (the girl who took the pics for my website). If you want funky family portraits done, go see this woman. She's so much fun, has a really awesome new studio she fashioned out of an old drive shed and is incredibly talented. I'm not on commission. I just love her.
I'll post pictures when I get them.

Thirdly, my parents MOVED out of our family home. 
We lived there for 19 years so you can just imagine the memories that live there (not to mention the alarming number of animals buried in the back corner of the yard).
The only good part about moving is all the awesome stuff you uncover. 
Like eleventeen diaries, all my old yearbooks and approximately a zillion notes from boys. 
All of which I am keeping because though I don't know if I want my girl to have such a wide window into her mother's past, I know she'll want to read them.

Also, I turned 30.
Which, really, is totally cool.
Brad took Clem (or BeeBop as he now lovingly calls her) for the day while mom and I went for lunch and a little shopping in Westboro. 
He invited friends for a bbq and offered (I accept!) to feed her through the night so I could indulge in a few too many glasses of vino.
I felt more like I'd just turned 70 at the shop the next day, but it was a great night.

Clementine, on the other hand, turned 6 months on the 9th.
Cliche cliche, but honestly, where did the last 6 months go.
She's saying "muh muh", "da da" and the occasional "buh buh".  She's sitting up on her own and learning how to make noise by smacking things.

The store is doing amazingly well. Puppets Up! weekend was Christmas busy and I sold puppets out the ying yang.
We didn't do one this year, but last year (pre blog) I was interviewed by a few wackadoo puppets about the upcoming festival. It was pretty cute in the end, so if you're curious, take a look.

Last but not least, Blackbird is carry two new consignment lines.
A few weeks ago we started carrying Swirlicious custom made to order "Mom Tags". They're made by a super crafty mom in Carleton Place and I think they're just about the perfect gift for any mom. She made one extra special for me. How thoughtful/cute is this!?:

And just today I started carrying a really beautiful line of prints and jewelry made by a crafty woman in west Ottawa. Today, I'm a terrible photographer, so here are a few I have in the shop, but you have to check out her website to get the picture. No pun intended.

Also notable this month: Somehow a 7 foot weed grew undetected in our front yard. 
I'm pretty sure it happened in all of 3 hours because this thing was ridiculous.

Days done, gone the sun (almost), gotta run!
xo Em