Thursday, February 3, 2011

Working overtime

Which one of you told me this would be easy?
Somebody needs to pay because mommy be suffering.
Big time.

Two days ago I would have told you it was the two year old that was making me mental.
Today, it's the 3 weeker.

Since Griffin was born Clementine has been waking up every night, a couple times a night screaming "I need one more book!" or "I need a bottle", "I need my moooommy!", "where's my daddyy?!" and so on and so forth.
Last night was only the 2nd time in three weeks that she's actually slept through.
And then she got a brutal cold.
Of course she did.

Yesterday she thoughtfully wiped her disgusting boogie nose all over this poor little sucker's head and now he's completely stuffed up.
He snorts when he eats and when he's not nursing he's fussing because he's so uncomfortable.

So I'm writing this on about 45 minutes of sleep.

Also, I'm beyond annoyed with my darling "I don't know what your problem is, what do you want me to do!" husband, but that's a given with a 3 week old I think.
We'll probably survive it.
Unless, you know, he says something especially dumb like "I really think you're overreacting" or "Well that was a pretty good night. How many times were you up?" tonight.
Maybe someone should warn him...

I know.
You couldn't care less about all this and the only thing good about this post is that you feel better about your life.
Or at least your night life.
Also, I know it'll get easier (at least until HE'S two) so spare me the reassuring comments and just feel sorry for me okay?

That's the only thing that will make me feel better.

Well, that, and getting my GORGEOUS Etsy bedding in the mail.
Which I did.
I'll take some pics and post soon.

Tonight at 3am perhaps.

xo Em

Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Groundhog Day Giveaway!!

Happy Groundhog Day!
You know what today means?
Besides a Bill Murray movie marathon I mean?

It's the END of the application process for Handmade Harvest!
Thank goodness for that.

We have had SO many new submissions flying at us this past week that we're starting to get bogged down by it all.
It's going to be nearly impossible for our jury to decide.
We got nearly DOUBLE the amount of crafters applying than our venue can host.
Which is totally super fantastic amazing, but it means we're going to have to tell some perfectly super fantastic amazing people that they didn't make the cut.

We need a bigger venue for the next show.
Any ideas?

We really want to keep it in Almonte. For lots of reasons.
First and foremost being that I love this town and also because it's a pretty great way to get new comers to visit, in turn, making it easier for us to promote the shows and get sponsorship support.
Also, it's good for Blackbird and the other shops on Mill Street.

And, at the end of the day, at least some of my focus still needs to stay on the success of the shop.

But speaking of sponsors, the show's main sponsor Dutch Girl Textiles has just launched a fabulous new website.
In celebration, the company owner Jody is having a Grand Opening Giveaway!

Click on this link and head over to the Dutch Girl website.
All you have to do is write a comment and you could win this adorable quilt.
A girl after my own heart, all the fabrics Jody used in this quilt are from a collection by a print called "Nest".

Go! Go now.