Saturday, May 23, 2009

The Friendly Town

Well, would you believe it, I have readers!
So many people have introduced themselves to let me know they've been following my blog. 
How disappointed you all must be that I've been such a slacker in the blogging department.
Send me comments people!
If I'd known so many of you were out there I'd have written sooner.

You know who you are.

So let's talk about the shop for a minute.
Blackbird is rocking and rolling these days. Our weekends are getting busier and I'm back in the shop full days Fridays and Saturdays now.

Almonte's looking pretty fantastic lately too. We have some new shops, gorgeous store front makeovers and lots of great ideas on the horizon.

So hey! You there! 
Been to Funmonte lately? 

Had a brewskie on the new Barley Mow patio overlooking the Mississippi River?
Walked with an ice cream down the Riverwalk?

Enjoyed a locally roasted fair trade coffee at the Groundz?
Peeled your thighs from the charming burgundy vinyl seats after breakfast at the Superior?
Twirled in a crinoline prom dress at Vintage Wear/Ware?
Indulged in a glass (or three) of vino at Fitzgeralds?
Giggled over the New Yorker cards at Blackbird?
You're kidding me.
You haven't? Are your legs broken? Did your car die?
Are you ALLERGIC to fun?
I have a new baby at home and not only do I manage to enjoy downtown Almonte practically daily, I sleep here!

So come to Almonte. 
Come on. 
It'll be fun.

You already know a great tour guide. 
I'll just get Clem to watch the shop while we go for ice cream.
She's got to earn her allowance somehow damn it.

Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Makin' Stuff

My mom bought me a great sewing machine about 6 years ago and though I've sewn my share of pillows and curtains and cosmetic bags and baby slings, I really haven't done anything truly useful with it.
Clem is behaving a kazillion times better these days (has a maximum of 2 melt downs a day and sleeps (read: practically) through the night) so I'm starting to think maybe crafting is back in the cards.

I just might try my hand at clothing. 
We're not talking resale quality here, just maybe fashion for personal use. 
My fitness kick is still in high gear and my jiggly bits are starting to look a little less jiggalicious, but shopping still isn't a barrel of laughs and girl needs some cute stuff for summer.

I'm thinking a tunic might be a good place to start. Or a wrap skirt.
Or a mu mu cleverly disguised as a sundress. 
Belts can do that you know.
Here are a few cute Amy Butler patterns I found online. 
I think I could make these.
I think.
Guess we'll just have to find out won't we?

I should probably make something for my girl too.
But Clem's got enough clothes to last her until she's 3.
At least.

Colleen made her the CUTEST tiered skirt the other day. Which she promptly pooped in (she liked it THAT much).
No I don't have a picture of her in it. But I will take one. I know how much you want to see it, and Col deserves a shout out for making it (and for being pooped on).

What else.
Brad is now taking Friday's off until September in lieu of vacation and I'm working Fridays and Saturdays in the shop. Which I am so happy about.
I can't help but be curious about how today is going for those two at home.
Not worried. Just curious.

xo Em