Saturday, March 28, 2009

My Etsy Shop...and other stuff that Saturdays are for.

Well it's not even Sunday night and I've opened my etsy shop!
I haven't posted everything, but it's a start, and it means I stuck to my word and got it done.
So line up and place your orders people.
Or, at the very least, check it out.

This is an incredible feat really, considering my darling Clementine is officially colic.
We've had a rough few nights that ended in mornings that looked liked this:
A 4am photoshoot that almost made the 8hrs of screaming worth every second. 
But not quite.

I was so tired I thought I was going to ralph (any opportunity to use that word), but that's passed and we're into the weekend now, which means I've got an extra set of hands.
Brad's out with her now enjoying "Father/Daughter Saturday" at Canadian Tire. 
Hence my ability to get things done!

Another reason we've been able to manage is because...da da dada!!! Stephanie Raycroft to the rescue!!!!
Stephanie is the older sister of one of my dear friends Kim.
She's also the mother of a formerly colic little girl. 
The moment she learned of my plight (like we needed another reason to love Facebook) she offered to help.
And help she did.
She gave us some advice, and this unsuspecting little toy:
It makes sounds that are supposed to lull little ones to sleep. And (would you believe?) it actually works! 
Here it is in action (with a little help from the bouncy lounge, a quarter teaspoon of Gripe Water and her pluggie).
Okay. So it sort of works. 
That left eye never did fully close...but her mouth did, and that's what's really important.

So while the loves of my life are out and about, I'm nurturing my other love, crafting, and finishing up a little knit toy that I'm making for Cole (Andrea and Charlie's kid) who turned one this month.
And I'm starting a sling which I've coined "The Clementine Survival Sling" and plan to make for every one of my friends who is expecting.

Here's the one my mom made me working like a charm:

And here's the one I'm making for my gf Petrice:
Taking this picture I was struck by how much joy it brings me to have an ironing board cover that matches my iron.
Does my obsession with matching make you want to ralph or what?

I did other things too.
Like make cupcakes for my thoughtful neighbours who gave us a shower gift like A MONTH ago, and who we had yet to thank.
And put up my wacky wreath that I made out of fabric scraps and a grapevine wreath that wasn't selling at the shop.
That's it.
Tomorrow I will write whining about how tired I am and how I "should have slept yesterday while I had the chance" and blah blah blah.

Until then.
xo Em

Monday, March 23, 2009

Pretty Little Things

I'm a blog-o-holic today.
Or a blog-o-matic.
Or a blog-o-rama (if you're Melissa).

Whatever I am, I am feeling the need (no, not for speed) to share today.
I have been meaning to post two of my very favourite baby gifts that we received from two wonderful friends.

The first was from Ryan. 
Remember Ryan? I made him that embroidered picture of a bike for his 30th. Which, apparently he loved, because he returned the handmade favour in a big bad way.
Check out the fabulous gift he gave little Clementine.
Introducing Kabuki Kimono Kitty:

Die for it.
I think it's the cat's pyjamas. And not just because it's a cat in pyjamas either.
Don't we LOVE Ryan?
And you know what's even cooler than him giving us this?
He and Leila (his wife, so don't freak out or anything) are giving Clem a FRIEND too!
They're expecting their first in September and I couldn't be more excited if my own sister was having a baby.
Wait a sister IS having a baby!
In October.
Baby Boom you say? Baby KaBOOM!

The second amazing baby gift we got was from sweet sweet Melissa. Of course.
A few months back she took a letterpress course (another reason I'm so jealous she lives in Toronto) and purchased this adorable print from an artist.
I even love the frame. 
And the monkey, which she also gave us.

Don't you think art is the best gift? Handmade truly is the way to go. 
That's IT!
I am ONLY going to give handmade from now on.

If you think those gifts are cute though, check out what I made:

Hold me to it

I have decided that this will be the week that I finally open my Etsy shop.
Sunday evening will be my official deadline.
I need that much time because although I've started creating items already, it's rare that I have both hands free and it's almost impossible (not to mention irresponsible) to operate a soldering gun with a baby on my lap.

Not that I've tried.


Spring is in bloom at Blackbird and the place is a sight to behold. 
I just love this season and all of the colour it brings to the shop. 

Funky tin flowers to tie you over until the garden comes back to life...
Fuzzy chicks to add a little whimsy to your home...
Not your grandma's silk flowers...
Lots of cute stuff for Easter-inspired decorating.

April marks our 2nd year in business on friendly Mill Street in Almonte. 
Stay tuned for specials and events to come!
xo Em

Sunday, March 22, 2009

Working for the Weekend

I worked the shop today and boy did it feel good to be back.
Not to mention away from the bambino for a hot second.
Sunday is only a five hour shift so it was a nice segue back to work, and a good chance for Brad to spend some quality father/daughter time with Clem.
Who, incidentally, is turning into a little girl right before our eyes.
A tantrum throwing little girl, but a little girl nonetheless.
Quick! Somebody call the waaambulance.

A girl after her mother's heart.
I've been told more than once by my own mother that I got the daughter I deserve.
I think I'll go ahead and take that as a compliment.

Just a short sweet one today folks. 
Until next time.
xo Em

Tuesday, March 10, 2009

In like a lion...

Oh. My. Gosh.
This baby stuff is tougher than I thought. Our first week at home with Clem was a bit of a dream.
Lots of company, relatively lots of sleep and then...

The shit, pardon my French, hit.
Like a Mack truck through the nursery window, all at once Clementine (though arguably stilll sweet) started experiencing terrible bouts of gas that made her scream even in her sleep. 
The little thing had such a hissy fit she managed to blow a tear duct and her eye pussed over with green goo that made her look like Swamp Monster #2 straight out of Night of the Living Dead.

Needless to say momma bear was pretty miserable last week too. 
If Brad thought he could do no right before, dude was in for  a whole new feeling of uselessness. Poor guy.
I cried every day.
Every day I got more exhausted. And every day I became less able to stay calm in the eye of the storm.

But, like a knight in shining armour, Brad decided to take Friday morning off so I could catch up on my sleep. 
And ouala! (if that's how you spell it) In a matter of hours Clem and Em became new women.
Ahh the healing properties of sleep.

Our weekend was full of happy times. Beautiful aunt Melissa (and her fab new haircut) came to town from Toronto for a visit and treated me to a pedicure at the Hog. So nice.
We celebrated Cole's 1st birthday party, had brunch at the Geuer's, went for dinner (twice!) and had a nice Sunday meal at aunt Jude's with cousin Jord.

We're roughly back on our 3 hour eating/staring/sleeping schedule and we're keeping a positive attitude that we can keep the good times rolling. Most of the time.

Clementine was a month old yesterday and is changing a lot. She's just shy of 11lbs and her hair is growing like dandelions on Grandma's front lawn.
I have decided that April will be the month I go back to work and today I'm going to figure out which days and for how long. But I need to go back.
I didn't miss if for a while, but now I really do.
The weather is getting nicer, the store is jam packed with gorgeous stuff for Spring, and the customers are starting to poke about Mill Street once again.

See friends? Two things are for certain.
Winter never lasts forever. And crying babies always sleep. Eventually. 
(And especially when you threaten to humiliate them in public with those socked hands and a gender neutral track suit if they don't give mommy a little peace and quiet.)