Wednesday, January 14, 2009

It's obvious by now that I am so inspired by Catherine at Red Shoes.
Her creativity astounds.
I first found her gorgeous shop online (she's in Ann Arbor) in September and spotted the most adorable polka dot dresser that she had painted for her store's baby department.
I saved the image and vowed that I'd make my own for our nursery.
This week, I did!
Dad gave me an old dresser that we've had in the family since before I was born. 
It's actually a super cute piece that Brad really didn't want me to paint, but a girls got to do...blah blah...right?
Mom and Dad came over last weekend and helped make a few minor repairs, sand and prime it.
They're so good to me.
I had to give the thing about 4 coats of white before I got start with the polka dots. And I'm an instant gratification girl so that used up about all the patience I have for this week.
When it was ready, I found a drinking glass that was about the size I wanted, and started tracing. I decided to forgo the usual green and yellow for our gender-unspecific nursery and, instead, am going for orange. (Well it's more of a clementine colour actually) :)
It turned out so beautifully.
So the baby's room now has a crib and a dresser. Fancy!
And a few scrumptious pieces of art courtesy of the talented Miss. Melis.
37 and a half weeks pregnant today!
Friday will be my last day at the store. Full time anyway. I'm a little sad/nervous to take off from this place, but I'm ready to go at the same time. 
I'm just exhausted. 
And I'm afraid that the baby will come early and I won't have any time to just chill out and clean the house.


Sunday, January 4, 2009

Christmas Crafting

So I didn't end up making all of my Christmas gifts this year. Sue me.
And, though I did make quite a few, I was really bad about documenting them.

I made my mom the cutest necklace out of Shrinky Dinks (as a matter of fact the 80s actually did call wanting their craft project back) that I drew little colourful Red Shoes inspired houses on, cut out, shrunk, and strung with multi-coloured, multi-shaped beads.
I think she loved it. She's been wearing it every time I've seen her since. I'm going to make a few to sell in the store so when I do, I'll post the process here. 

I also knit my sister Zoey a doll in the likeness of our recently deceased cat Teddy/Ted Bear/Edward Louise that will hopefully serve double duty as a friend to her kitty Finn who is, tragically, an only cat.

And I had lofty plans to finish knitting a really beautiful throw for my mother-in-law, but blankets are hard work! I have knit 1.5 of the 4 balls it's going to swallow up and I've probably spent a good 20 hours on it already. I'm getting to be a faster knitter, but I think it will be a birthday present this year instead.

There is one craft project that I am most proud of.
My Melissa doll.
I was going to knit one of these little beauties for each of my really close girlfriends, but I have about 8 of those and this project was a true labour of love. Eventually they will each have their own, but this year, Melissa is the only one getting this:

Her name is Melissa too and, although she looks just like her new owner, she has a slightly more manageable hair, slimmer thighs, a better job, newer laptop, the list goes on.
I have sent her with Marie Lou (another friend) back to Toronto to deliver so I don't quite know how real life Melissa will appreciate her but, regardless, she was a ton-o-fun to make.
I learned to felt in the process of finishing her face (and her laptop) and now my new addiction is felting.
Where does it end. I mean really.

Less than 4 weeks away from our due date now!
And lots to do in the meantime.

Christmas was incredible at the shop. Economy schmeconomy.
Monday is inventory day and I'm really looking forward to re-merchandising my sad holiday window displays, packing up what's left of the Christmas product (there's not as much as I thought there'd be considering the place looked like Santa threw up in there only a short month ago) and gearing up for Spring.

We're not changing our hours too much for January and February, but we will be closed Mondays until March. 

Tuesday thru Saturday 10am to 5pm
Sunday 11am to 4pm