Thursday, February 25, 2010

Fabric Flower Fun

We hosted our 2nd Creative Workshop here on Tuesday night and, if you'll allow me to get a bit dorky for a second, what fun!

Thankfully none of the crafters are married to the fire inspector (or the liquor inspector for that matter) because we definitely had a few open flames happening.
Dangerously close to some seriously flammable vintage scarves at times.
No risk no reward though right?
That's what I always say.

We taught the group two different techniques for making flowers, made them try both, then let them loose to create.
And create they did!
Tatiana even took the headband right off her head and embellished it.
I love a girl who can really get into it.

The generous Trish ended up donating a flower she made to Charlene because it matched the hat she purchased just so darned perfectly.

What a friendly bunch.
And so quick to sacrifice.

Petrice, who claims not to be crafty at all, made some sweet little hair clips for Ana Banana. Not to mention a few things for herself.

Sadie loved her creations so much she had to model them right away.
Incidentally, I've seen her twice since Tuesday and I think she's been sporting a flower in her hair both times.
That's our Sadie!

Christine Moses, of Kid's Night Door and Pay it Forward fame, got into my leather scrap selection and really put her own twist on things.

Christina (our only returning workshopper) made this for the Abmeister out of fabric from an old polyester blouse of mine:
How cute would that be in a little flower girl's hair?
I can hardly stand it.

Carolyn turned a key ring into a...well...she turned it into a ring.
I mean, I'm a risk taker and all, but I don't know if my brain would even have gone to those creative heights!
I'm sure she'll get lots of wear out of it. :)
She made a super cute hair band as well.
Brook hacked into some fabric from a dress I bought for Josie's Sex and the City birthday party a few years ago.
She really went nuts with the layers and beads.
This picture doesn't do it any justice, but it was so beautiful!

That's right folks. Anything goes at these things.
You should probably think about coming to the next one.

I'm thinking March 9th, canvas decoupage art...funky fabric, beautiful paper, a photograph you love, a quote that inspires you, paintbrushes...stay tuned.
When is March Break anyway?


Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Dream Room

If money and time were not an object, I would one million percent build myself a craft room.
It'd have a huge cutting board table smack in the centre, and cupboard after cupboard filled with supplies.

All of which would be organized with mason jars full of buttons and beads (but not seashells...too tacky), and there would be ribbon on tangle resistant spools whenever I need it...

I'd have a little nook carved out for my sewing machine and it'd look just like I plucked it right out of an Anthropologie store window but with electrical outlets.
Lots of electrical outlets.

I found most of these drool worthy images on TheProject Girl's blog by the way. Check her out.

I think I'll make a room like this one of my many life goals.
You may have to read this blog for a few more years to see if I ever get my dream room, but it'll be worth it.
Just stick with me folks.
Also, could you talk to Brad?

You know what I did today?
I shopped in my own store!
In the past 3 weeks we have had about 40 boxes (that's about 38 boxes more than I can handle right now) of gorgeous spring merchandise delivered, and I just could not resist any longer.

I know.
You would probably expect that, as the owner of this lovely establishment, things would find themselves in the trunk of my car all the time, but really, I hardly ever keep anything for myself.
I usually pick an item up and think "Ooooo, this is way too cute. It'll sell".

So I guess that's one good thing about having WAY TOO MUCH merchandise in the shop.
Who's going to miss a throw rug here, or a flower vase there?
Somebody might miss this though.
There's only one.

We unpacked lots of other cute items in too.
I thought I might just skip around the shop and take some pictures for you.

Paper flower bunches to springify your window sills...

Oversized glass rings (a shocking $7.99 sticker price on these babies!)...

Adorable little grass birds perched on a rickety shelf...

Pretty, seasonal wreaths for indoor or out...

Monarch butterflies for...oh who knows...

Vintage inspired cappuccino gift sets in baby blue...

Hand painted wood and tin birds...

Decorative drawer pulls...

Mini window vignettes...

And display after display of great stuff you didn't know you needed until you saw it.
There's so much to look at and we're changing things up almost daily.

Valentines merchandise (what's left of it) is now 50% off, and we've got some pretty cute Easter items for entertaining and decorating.

Hope to see you soon.

Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Happy Birthday

I wasn't sure what kind of turn out we'd have for Clementine's birthday party this Sunday.
Hardly anyone rsvp' can happen when most of your friends have babies and have to play every event by ear.
But it was totally great!
We had the perfect number of people. I know because we ran out of cake.

Clemmie was a true performer and didn't raise a stink once.
I'm glad she's not one of these kids who gets overwhelmed by a crowd.
The kid loves the limelight.
And balloons apparently.

Only the saftest toys at this party.

Tons o' friends + tons o' kids ='d tons o' fun.

Ana Whiting and Liam Ray discuss the health benefits of breast milk over formula...

Mommy-to-Be Josie (aka the natural) cuddles up with our youngest party-goer...

Clementine and Emalea enjoy storytime on the couch with aunt Meg...

Cole gets a little loco...

Cousins Cohen and Clemmie model matching high tops...

Clem experiments with some new culinary delights.
"Broccoli broccoli the magical fruit, the more you eat the more you..."

It's so much fun to watch little kids interact.
Especially when they're yours.

A customer-turned-friend of mine Christina, co-owner of a company called Kidz Katering, baked us the most delicious and adorable cupcakes with healthier ingredients for the kiddies and a larger cake for the big kids.
She even made a special smash cake for Clementine to dig in to.

Even better than the cakes themselves was the fact that she custom designed them to match the invitations I sent out.
Because it's all in the details you know.

So here's the plug.
If you have any cake or cookie needs for an upcoming kid's party, call Chris.
Unless you like your cakes ugly and gross tasting, I promise you won't be disappointed.

You should see the great books Clementine got too!
Some were total blasts from the past.
Like all the Eric Carle board books, Each Peach Pear Plum, Miss. Nelson is many that I forgot I remembered (you know what I mean).

The girl had so much fun, she never wanted it to end.

But end it did.

Happy Birthday little girl.
Now go to sleep.

Saturday, February 13, 2010

Clementine, my Valentine

I know I promised to write about our next workshop, but it honestly sold out before I had a chance!
How amazing is that?
Is it possible that I've found my new calling?
Is it possible I have TWO callings?
I'm blowing my own mind here people.

We decided to add two extra spots for any of you loyal blog readers who might find this news just totally and completely devastating (you deserve SOMETHING for giving me 200+ hits this week!...who are you wonderful people!?), so here are the details:

Tuesday February 23rd from 6pm-9pm
$30 (includes all materials, as well as snacks and refreshments (translation: wine) and a $5 gift card to Blackbird)

This time we'll be making funky fabric accessories using a variety of different materials...including a collection of vintage scarves I've been secretly hoarding. Finally! A reason to free these beauties from the tickle trunk!

Workshoppers will leave with a minimum of THREE handmade accessories (we'll be teaching you how to make a few varieties of fabric flowers for hair bands, clips, brooches, wristlettes, are limited only by your imagination!).
Time permitting, you can make as many pieces as you like.

If you're interested in joining us please email me as soon as you can to sign up or
visit my online shop to pay for the class.

What else. What else.

Clementine turned ONE on Tuesday!
Does anyone else have trouble believing this?

Could you eat her or what?
It's not uncommon for me to have an overwhelming urge to suck on those cheeks.

I hope this means people will stop asking me if I'm pregnant.
Seriously. I get asked at least once a week.
Isn't that awful?
Not only is it embarrassing for me to be asked something like that, but it's totally awkward for the schmuck (I'm editing myself here) who's asked it.
Come ON people. Smarten up.
Sure I take the odd fashion risk, but pregnant people don't wear belts.
At least I didn't.

I have half a mind to start reciprocating the question.
Especially to the men.

We're having a party for Clemmie tomorrow (Valentine's Day) at our place. Some friends have even come up from Toronto (I have good friends) and my sister Meg brought Cohen home with her last night from Kitchener as well.
I've asked people, in lieu of toys, to bring along their favourite childhood book as a gift to the birthday girl.
Naturally I'm giving her a Judy Blume.
Probably this one:

Though I don't think I'll let her read it for a few more years.

It's a busy day in the shop today so I had better end it here.
It's been truly lovely chatting with you all. One sided though it's been.
Thanks for reading.


Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Craftaholics Anonymous

Our first Workshop Night was a HUGE success!
At least, I think it was anyway.
The original plan was to have 8 workshoppers, but we quickly sold out and had to expand to 10. It was a cozy mess of crafters in here last night.
It was actually pretty hard not to commandeer one of the work stations so I could get in there myself, but I had almost as much fun watching.
Truly, the best part of the whole thing was how people really made the wreaths their own.
Colleen and I consider ourselves pretty darned adept when it comes to making stuff, but we were quickly put in our place let me tell you.

Apparently we are "inside the box" thinkers after all because we pretty much stuck to the tutorial.
Not these guys!
Sure, some of the girls did as they were instructed, but others went in directions I never would have dared to venture.
Christina went the lovey dovey route and started cutting out hearts to mix in with hers.
I wasn't sure how they'd stand up, but check out the gorgeousness!
Here it is before:

And after!

My girlfriend Andrea (the daredevil) forewent circles and started cutting out flowers from all the different fabrics we supplied.
The girl was ruthless and even started hacking up the table cloth Colleen had brought from home.
Fortunately it was pretty hideous.

We cringed a bit as she chopped into fabrics we're used to being so conservative with (Amy Butler ain't cheap you know!), but it was good exercise in letting go for both of us.
Besides, look how fabulous the result was!

We even had two girls from Ottawa come, which really tickled me.
And kinda made me feel legit too.

Everyone seemed to have a great time.
Even those who couldn't indulge in the vino...

Now here's a message after my own heart...

And another one that just makes me feel...well, you know.

Needless to say there will be many workshops in our very near future.
February 23rd we'll be hosting one involving the upcycling of vintage scarves and other finds into fab accessories.

Wanna come?
Email me for more info by clicking here and I'll keep you in the loop.
I'll be posting pictures and details soon.

Thanks to all the girls (Vanessa, Kim, Laurie, Meredith, Josie, Andrea, Jody, Danielle, Christina, and Kristen) for joining in all the crafting fun last night.

Meredith, I hope your 3rd degree glue gun burn heals quickly!
And thanks for taking it like a big girl.
I definitely would have cried.

xo Em