Friday, April 29, 2011

Blog linking...Blinking? Whatever.

So excited/terrified/peeing a little that Handmade Harvest is only ONE WEEK AWAY!!!
The swag stuff is rolling in and so are the Google Alerts letting us know that folks are talking about us.
Can't wait for next Saturday.
Why can't every day be craft show day?

Check out the latest from our a few of our blogger friends:

From Re-hash

I know there's more out there. This is just all I could find with one hand on the keyboard and the other snuggling my boy.
You would be disturbed by the number of posts I've written while nursing.
Or maybe you'd be impressed.

Too much info?
Hope to see you all Saturday.
More posts to come as soon as I find the time to take a few shots of the amazing swag stuff!

Em (and, technically, Griffin)

Saturday, April 23, 2011

Dare to Compare

I know. I've never done three posts in one day.
Like I said. It's rainy.

Just found an old pic of Clemmie.
I think she's about 4 months here, so a bit older than Griffin is now but aren't they identical?

Clementine 4 months
Griffin 3 months

Ok. That's it for real.


Just sayin'

If you ever want to buy me something...

Few things

Deservedly so, I've had a pretty bad cold since my Pop Up Shop last Friday.
My body is pretty nice to me and usually holds out until after a big event to break down.
But that still doesn't make it much fun.
Pity party over though.

I am happily positioned behind my computer at the shop on a rainy Saturday, ticking things off my to do list, sipping a half bold half smooth Equator coffee (because I'm difficult), singing along to Jason Mraz on the stereo, and hacking up a lung between customers.
Not to worry. I've already cracked out the hand sanitizer.
You'll be fine if you visit.

So let's do a little housekeeping.


We are OPEN: Friday 11-4, Saturday 10-5, Sunday (closed), Monday 11-4.


The Pop Up Shop was a big hit.
Though we didn't officially open until 5pm, we had a few 4:30 door crashers and I think that kind of enthusiasm should be we opened up shop early.
It was a flurry of flying scarves and jewelry and "can I try that on if you're not taking it"s for about an hour and a half and by about 6:30 the crowds had died down and it felt like 9pm.
Me working on an up sell. Apparently I'm pigeon-toed. Excellent.

The line up. (aka. my favourite pic of the bunch)

Awesome body forms on loan from The White Lilly.
Saw horse turned shelf courtesy of the landlord and Colleen's creative brain.
Christmas lights courtesy of my mom.
Amazing what a little twinkle can do to dress up a place.

Some happy shoppers taking advantage of the free manicures courtesy of Carmel Broughton of Carmelized.

Personally, I think this one was better than the October event.
We had a bit more space and a lot more stuff, so I haven't been subject to any angry "We got there at 7 and there was nothing left" emails.

I'm thinking of taking this concept online so watch for that.

Thanks to all who came and helped (eventually) put my 3 month old through college.
The two year old is getting a scholarship. It's already decided.
Which brings us to the next item on our agenda.


Griffin is officially 3 months.
Making it acceptable to wear 3-6 month clothing, although he's been in it since about 3 weeks old.
Eesh. These kids are big.
Since I have been pretty bad about journalling baby number two's progress, I figure I should at least keep updating my blog with pictures.
I think I had a whole scrapbook full of memories by the time the Cleminator was 3 months old.
Griffin's got a few grainy iPhone uploads and that's about it.
Thankfully, our children are so darned adorable that other people have been inclined to snap a few pictures.
Here are some shots from our trip to Fulton's Pancake House last weekend courtesy of Dan Greenberg.

Clemmie sucking down a maple lollypop between bites of pancake.
With a side of attitude.

Griffin sleeping like the little angel baby that he is.
Looking uncannily (a word?) like his big sister at that age.

AGENDA ITEM FOUR: Handmade Harvest

Once again the Humm has written a great article about the show next month.

I am so proud of this event.
Colleen and I, not to mention the vendors, have pulled out all the stops to make it great.
The swag bags, to give one example of what I mean, are DEFINITELY going to be worth lining up for.
It's going to take everything I have in me not to steal one to be honest.
But that would be wrong.
And you know how I believe in karma.

Let's just say you won't be going home with just a handful of coupons. I mean, there will be coupons. But there will also be ummm...JEWELRY and, um, little fabric WALLETS and, um CANDY.
The first 50 shoppers will get all of these things and more.
So come early!!

Since my last post I've also had a chance to get to know another one of our sponsors - Lilly White.
You can read our interview with her here.

That's all for now.
Happy Easter everyone!!


Monday, April 11, 2011

Pop Up Shop

I've been waiting around for this Spring thing to arrive so I could host another Clothing and Accessories event and, I've decided maybe Spring is waiting for ME!

So here it is.

This Friday April 15th from 5pm to 9pm(ish)
I'll be hosting my 2nd ever Pop Up Shop at Heritage Court here in Almonte.
(That's 14 Mill Street, at the bottom of the hill, NOT at Blackbird)

This time I've super-sized the event and ordered twice the merchandise.

We'll have loads of adorable spring jackets, bamboo tops & leggings, handbags & clutches, jewelry (even a few Easter pieces for girls), and scarves coming out the ying yang.
The ying yang I say.
And it's all going to be available to you at a fraction of the prices we'd sell them in the shop. We're talking near wholesale people.

Refreshments will be served.
Music will be played.
Deals will be had.

Cash or cheque only. Taxes included in all prices.
Rain cheques will be available for those wishing to special order select items at the event.

Here's a little sampler of what you might find:

Heritage Court is really starting to fill up with fantastic businesses.
My dad's gallery - The Village Idiot is in there, the Mill Street Creperie is set to open in a few weeks and Lilly White is opening up a women's clothing shop she's aptly named "the White Lily", as well as bringing her already successful business White Light into 14 Mill Street.
To introduce herself Lilly will be giving white lilies to the first 50 shoppers at Friday night's event.
I'm hoping she's going to let me take a sneak peek into her new space as well...

Also, Carmel Broughton of Carmelized will be offering free mini manicures for those wishing to take advantage and "polish" off their look. So come polish free and ready for a little pampering!
Hope to see you Friday!


Saturday, April 2, 2011

Repost: Interview with a Dutch Girl

I know you're sick to death of hearing about the craft show (you're not really are you?), but we're getting pretty revved up around here about it.
It's just a bit more than a month away donchaknow.
Exciting stuff.

Since Jody of Dutch Girl Textiles is our ever-generous show sponsor (yeah, we have sponsors, we're totally the real deal now) Colleen and I thought it'd be the perfect time to do a little blogterview.
I thought it'd be fun to have a little interview with Dutch Girl herself as a little get to know you.

Without further adieu.
Our interview with Jody Dixon of Dutch Girl Textiles.

Hi Jody.

Hi girls.

Let's just cut right to the chase. What made you decide to open an on-line fabric store?

Well, finding pretty fabric in Canada (let alone in the Ottawa Valley) can be difficult. I like designers like Amy Butler, Heather Bailey and Valori Wells. They create fabric that is vibrant and colourful often with bold prints and florals (which can be hard to find in quilting stores and large distributors) but there aren't many stores either online or storefront here that carry their fabric. So what's a girl to do? Create her own fabric store!

We love the name Dutch Girl! Is there a reason you chose it? We mean, besides the fact that you're a girl and we're guessing you're probably Dutch.

Well, you guessed right. My parents are Dutch. Every time I visit the Netherlands I am overwhelmed by the amount of time and thought people take to make things cute and cozy. Many of the fabrics I carry remind me of all those cute Dutch things. My Mom always sewed clothes for me when I was a kid and my grandmother and aunts would send fabric from Holland. The name Dutch Girl Textiles encompasses all of that for me.

What is your business philosophy for Dutch Girl?

Even though Dutch Girl is an online business I still want to create a personal atmosphere. I try to email each customer to see if they are happy with their fabric and have started a blog so that they can have a peek into my life. I also wanted to start a small business that included my hobbies. I don't want this adventure to be stressful, in fact I want it to be quite the opposite. I want it to be something to look forward to and so far it is.

How do you find balancing 3 small children and an on-line business?

I can't say for certain that I've succeeded at balancing anything yet! I generally feel like someone or something is constantly neglected. Now I don't know if it's actually the case or if it's all in my head but I'm getting used to the feeling. There are many things I wish I had more time for but I guess sometimes you just need to choose the important things to focus on. I often wonder how other people do it but maybe some people think the same about me...I'm not sure. I've always been a person that likes to have something on the go. Kids certainly provide that but now two are in school and I wanted to have a little something to focus on other than the usual home related stuff.

What merchandise do you sell at Dutch Girl? Do you plan to grow into other product areas?

At the moment I am selling fabric only. Soon I will be expanding to fat quarter bundles, handmade items, patterns, DIY kits (like quilt tops) and home decor fabrics.

What makes Dutch Girl special over other online fabric shops?

I am really hoping to appeal to Canadian buyers. I know there are people like me out there who have an interest in designer fabrics and don't want to pay high shipping, duty and tax when they shop for fabric at online stores in the US. So I guess what makes Dutch Girl special is that we're Canadian.

We thought you said you were Dutch.

You know what I mean.

What can shoppers expect to see at your booth at Handmade Harvest?

Well, there will be fabric for sure and I'm hoping to get my hands on some Amy Butler patterns so that people can get some ideas of the things they can make. I'll also have Aprons, Place Mats, Napkins and maybe a few Pillow Covers. And of course you can expect to see me!

Come see Jody and all her beautiful fabrics and creations at Handmade Harvest May 7th.